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Water the garden, not your basement.

When the heat of summer hits, your garden gets thirsty. Assuming you’re not under a water ban, you’ll want your plants and grass to do all the drinking they can handle. But when you’re watering your flowers and shrubs, make sure you’re not watering the foundation wall of your house at the same time! Leaving a hose on or directing a sprinkler system toward the foundation wall is just asking for trouble. Read More

Using LinkedIn to Increase Sales – Expert Advice from Reinvate’s Ron Kunitzky

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social networking platform for business professionals and business owners. So why aren’t more B2B Companies leveraging it to Increase Sales? The reasons are plentiful but they often come down to lack of time, commitment, knowledge and skepticism.

In this post, FS Local expert and Partnership Marketing guru Ron Kunitzky shares how to increase sales using LinkedIn. Read More

Decorating Your Home for a Wedding

Love is in the air and spring is around the corner, so it’s time to think about decorating for a summer wedding. Hosting a wedding or a reception at home can be beautiful if you take care to create elegance and plenty of opportunity for your guests to shine. With more and more people deciding to host events at home, we wanted to share some ideas on how to transform your space into a dazzling location worthy of the big day. Read More

Foundation Cracks – The Causes, Issues and Solutions

Take a look at the foundation of your house. The odd little crack here and there isn’t unexpected and shouldn’t be a problem. But if there are any cracks in your foundation bigger than 1/8″, you could be looking at serious issues. Let’s take a look at what causes foundation cracks, what they mean for your house, and options on repairing them. Read More

3 Factors To Consider When Decorating With Rugs

An area rug is a great way to add color, comfort and beauty to your space. But remember; there are 3 important factors to consider when choosing an area rug. The first is size. It is important to choose a rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room. For Dining rooms, rugs should extend at least 18 inches beyond the edge of the table, so that the chairs are accommodated. Read More



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