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Thinking of Starting a Business? Here’s Some Advice From The Trenches

Starting a business is scary. Depending on how big you’re going, your whole future is on the line. So with life-changing decisions to be made, it’s helpful to have the advice of people who have traveled the path already. If you’re considering a new venture, by all means go out and ask anyone and everyone who’s been there for their best advice. It’s up to you which pieces to take, but it’s true when they say that knowledge is power. Read More

FS Local Contributor

15 Rules for Successful Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still the king. Social media is great, an absolute necessity for any modern organization, but for truly effective engagement, you have to master email. Every transaction, every interaction…they’re all an opportunity to grow your list. Every send is an opportunity to refine the list, a chance to learn how best to engage the very real humans behind the names. Get really good at email marketing and success will almost invariably follow. Read More

Water the garden, not your basement.

When the heat of summer hits, your garden gets thirsty. Assuming you’re not under a water ban, you’ll want your plants and grass to do all the drinking they can handle. But when you’re watering your flowers and shrubs, make sure you’re not watering the foundation wall of your house at the same time! Leaving a hose on or directing a sprinkler system toward the foundation wall is just asking for trouble. Read More



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