20 Questions with J.J. Johnson from Sinking Ship Entertainment

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  • May 1, 2014

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Name: J.J. Johnson
Occupation: Founding partner, creative visionary at Sinking Ship Entertainment.
On the Web: Sinking Ship Entertainment
Bio: Since the company’s inception in 2004 J.J. has created 12 series including international hits This is Daniel Cook, Dino Dan, Roll Play and the upcoming Annedroids. He’s directed over 150 hours of children’s programming and filmed in over 30 countries. He is also an Emmy nominated writer with over 500 episode credits.

Most recently, Sinking Ship Entertainment continues to encourage Ontario kids to give back to their communities during the second season of Giver, airing Wednesdays at 6:30 pm beginning April 30, repeated Saturdays at 2 pm. Co-produced by TVO and Sinking Ship Entertainment, Giver is a live-action TV series that inspires children across the province to get involved and contribute to the places they live, reclaiming and enhancing local playground spaces in parks all across Ontario.

  1. My neighbourhood: The Junction Triangle, a burgeoning little slice of the city that seems to be growing and shifting every day.
  2. My daily commute is: 30 minute walk if I have the time. 10 minute bike ride if I have the energy. 5 minute cab if I’ve slept in. Our office is located in the old Carpet Factory building at King St. West and Dufferin.
  3. On a day off, I explore: new restaurants with: my mouth.
  4. Favourite brunch spot: Farmhouse Tavern, ever changing menu and awesome service.
  5. Favourite Toronto landmark: Without a doubt the CN Tower. Remember being so struck by it driving into Toronto as a kid. It forever owns the skyline.
  6. Favourite summer-in-Toronto activity: Bike ride on Centre Island.
  7. Toronto graffiti or Art Gallery of Ontario – my style is: Graffiti art in the AGO, nothing like seeing contemporary pieces in a gorgeous building.
  8. Best Toronto beach: Bluffer’s Park, filmed there a number of times, feels like a hidden oasis in the city.
  9. Best place to grab a coffee/tea: Café Con Leche: quick friendly service and wonderful little snacks.
  10. Best local event/parade/festival: Nuit Blanche, a magical fairytale type night, each and every time.
  11. Favourite Toronto park: Hands down High Park, best place to take your dog off leash.
  12. Time to shop. I’m heading to: Metropolis Living, 2989 Dundas Street West, I would live there if I could.
  13. My most cherished possession: a Roger Wood clock from Klockwerks, best gift ever.
  14. Favourite Toronto team: Blue Jays + opened Rogers Centre + beer = heaven
  15. If I could rename the Toronto Raptors, I’d call them: I actually really like the name, the team…well…
  16. For a true taste of Toronto culture, the best venue is: Kensington Market, so vibrant, so varied.
  17. Favourite international food: Ethiopian, particularly Addis Ababa.
  18. My go-to place for dessert: Tim Hortons, nothing beats a pack of Timbits.
  19. Best late-night eats: Lakeview Restaurant, no better place to go after last call.
  20. If I could take a visitor to only one place in Toronto, we’d go: Up the CN Tower to the 360 Restaurant, amazing meal matched only by the view.

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