20 Questions with eSAX Networking’s Jarrod Goldsmith

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  • February 5, 2015

Jarrod Goldsmith is one of Ottawa’s best known entrepreneurial networkers. His passion for music, organizational abilities, public relation and leadership skills make for a perfect combination in creating not only Sax Appeal (Canada’s Premier Saxophone Ensemble), but also eSAX (the Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience); an entrepreneur networking group for startups. Follow him on Twitter at @eSAXNetworking (#eSAX) and @SaxAppealOttawa

  1. Where do you call home? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  2. What do you love most about it? Being the Capital, I find it’s very clean and has excellent infrastructure. Ottawa has many cute little communities with their own distinctive flavour. The entrepreneur networking ‘circuit’ is quite small so that provides a great opportunity to really connect with people!
  3. Born and raised here or Johnny-come-lately? I grew-up in the suburbs of Montreal and moved to Ottawa around 2002.
  4. Is it a winter wonderland or summertime paradise? Ottawa is home to many of Canada’s national museums and also boasts the world’s largest outdoor skating ring (known simply as ‘The Canal’). In the summer there are lots of festivals and outdoor activities to keep people entertained. But being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle that keeps me busy every day of the year!
  5. What’s your commute like? I run both businesses out of my home so the commute is usually great! I’m often the first one to arrive at events since I’ll always leave a bit earlier to avoid rush-hour. Having grown-up in Montreal and being stuck in traffic 3 hours a day every day, the traffic in Ottawa is usually pretty good.
  6. What do you do on a day off? I don’t understand the question. Why would I want to take a day off when I love what I do every day?!? No seriously, I’m always working on something to promote the businesses, either attending in-person networking events, following-up with people or using social media. The only time I’m not working is when I’m back home in Montreal visiting family and friends for a few days at a time.
  7. It’s my first time in town. Where should we go? Walk around downtime and take a free tour of Parliament! Lunch in Chinatown and have a few beers in Pub Italia (Little Italy).
  8. Is there anything you’d change about it? Can’t have enough live music!
  9. Where do you go when it’s time to get away? Take my little dog for a nice walk in the forest near my house.
  10. Favourite local landmark? The Market. Ottawa’s historic marketplace has something for everyone.
  11. Best local event or festival: Ottawa Jazz Festival. (I usually perform in it!) Great place to catch some amazing talent J
  12. Favourite local team: Not really into sports, but when I see a Senators hockey game I usually wear a Montreal Habs jersey to spice-up the rivalry!
  13. Favourite local celebrity: Dylan Black (radio personality). He gives so much back to the community in terms of promoting and MCing charity events, donating blood and helping to make everyone feel special. (Plus he’s got an amazing radio voice J)
  14. Time to shop. Historic downtown or Big Box Land? For day-to-day business services it’s all local!
  15. Favourite Mom & Pop shop:
  16. Favourite local restaurant: Don’t really eat-out too often, but I like trying as many new restaurants as possible.
  17. Best place to grab a coffee or tea: Anywhere! More caffeine the better.
  18. Grocery store or farmers market? Living in the suburbs there are no farmers markets within walking distance so it’s usually grocery stores.
  19. Tell us something only locals know: During Ribfest along Sparks Street (in mid-late June), if you hang-around the last hour of the last day many of the vendors will give you lots of yummy food for free! Case in point, I was just finishing-up a meeting downtown and was walking back to my car when I decided to stop for a bite. While in line, they started giving away schnitzel, buns and literally pounds of pulled pork. (When I got home I froze a lot of it and was eating it for months..) Yum J
  20. What does supporting local mean to you? By sending referrals to people you know, trust and respect, it’s a great feeling knowing that you’re helping to keep your friends, colleagues and entrepreneur acquaintances in business.

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