20 Questions with Lauren Breuer of Shockingly Healthy

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  • October 24, 2013
image of Lauren Breuer

Name: Lauren Breuer
: Chief Dessert Designer
Follow: @ShockinglyH
On the Web: www.shockinglyhealthy.com
Bio: Founder of Shockingly Healthy! Where we create brownies and blondies that are good for your body and your taste buds.  Certified nutritional practitioner, food blogger and former personal trainer.  For fun: visual art, kettlebells and food photography.

  1. My Neighbourhood: Bay Street (but itching to head further west).
  2. My daily commute is: on the College streetcar out to Roncesvalles area.
  3. On a day off I explore:with: other neighbourhoods with: my fiance.
  4. Favourite brunch spot: I’ve gotta say home for this.  I LOVE breakfast, and constantly develop new recipes, all kinds of flavours of pancakes and waffles…and even cinnamon buns made out of French toast (p.s. it’s all on my blog).  Otherwise I’d say Fire on the East Side or Bar Italia (love the lemon ricotta topping). 
  5. Favourite Toronto landmark: Humber River for the kayaking.
  6. Favourite Summer-in-Toronto activity: Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market, outdoor movies throughout the city.
  7. Toronto graffiti or Art Gallery of Ontario – my style is: AGO.
  8. Best Toronto beach: out by the bluffs—just wander past where it’s busy, and it’s more secluded. 
  9. Best place to grab a coffee/tea: Tough call, because my business revolves around coffee shops!  Balzac’s is one of my faves—lots of delicious options other than coffee as well (they have this Maple, lemon hot drink that’s amazing).
  10. Best local event/parade/festival: Any food event put on by The Stop, or Toronto Underground Market (yup, food is a theme here!)
  11. Favourite Toronto park: David Balfour Park (runs along side Mt. Pleasant, and ends at the cemetery.) Great for running and hiking, complete with a stream down the middle.  It doesn’t feel like you’re in the city.
  12. Time to shop. I’m heading to: Anthropologie and Free People in Yorkville for clothes.  Golda’s Kitchen in Etobicoke for kitchen fun.
  13. My most cherished possession: I’m going to have to go with my engagement ring.  The main stone is an heirloom. After that it would be a toss up between my juicer and Vitamix.
  14. Favourite Toronto team: I have to admit…I’m not much of a sports fan, but I do love to exercise.
  15. If I could rename the Toronto Raptors, I’d call them: Toronto Towers?  Not great…but I like alliterations.
  16. For a true taste of Toronto culture, the best venue is: Exploring!  The challenge of Toronto is how spread out it is.  It’s best to hop on the streetcar, and cover more ground.  The Distillery District is great, as is Kensington Market, Roncy or the Beaches (and so many more neighbourhoods!)
  17. Favourite international food: Thai.
  18. My go-to place for dessert: More frequently, any DIY frozen yogurt place.  If I really want to splurge, it would be Morocco.
  19. Best late-night eats: For truly late night 24 hours, 7 West would be it.  Love how there’s a different vibe on every floor.
  20. If I could take a visitor to only one place in Toronto, we’d go: Dutch Dreams.  There is no place like it.

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