20 Questions with Levetto Chef Shahir Massoud

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  • Published
  • January 20, 2015

Shahir Massoud is an acclaimed chef and a proud Torontonian with a passion for incredible food. As a partner and the executive chef of the growing restaurant chain Levetto, he brings that passion to the public through his menu of classic and diverse Italian dishes. Keep up with Shahir on Twitter: @chefshahir

  1. Where do you call home? Bay and College
  2. What do you love most about it? It’s big, diverse, and multicultural.
  3. Born and raised here or Johnny-come-lately? Born and raised!
  4. Is it a winter wonderland or summertime paradise? Little bit of both, but I wouldn’t describe it as a wonderland right now…it’s cold!
  5. What’s your commute like? Peaceful. I like the alone time I the car, I can belt out Taylor Swift songs without any judging. Well, I guess some people may be judging now…
  6. What do you do on a day off? Paint, cook, and drink to excess.
  7. It’s my first time in town. Where should we go? St. Lawrence Market, Chinatown, dinner at Lunita, drinks at Cold Tea.
  8. Is there anything you’d change about it? Just the weather… I want the kind of yearlong climate of say, San Diego.
  9. Where do you go when it’s time to get away? Somewhere close, work always calls me back…
  10. Favourite local landmark? The Bata Shoe Museum. Just joking. I still love going to the Skydome to watch baseball. It’s now called the Rogers Centre, but I grew up with it as the Skydome and that’s what it’s called to me.
  11. Best local event or festival: Every Monday night at the Drake there’s a cool industry night called 86’d.
  12. Favourite local team: Toronto Blue Jays.
  13. Favourite local celebrity: I’ll go with Kyle Lowry.
  14. Time to shop. Historic downtown or Big Box Land? Downtown, specifically Queen Street West.
  15. Favourite Mom & Pop shop: My mom’s tiny pharmacy that she’s owned and operated for over 25 years.
  16. Favourite local restaurant: 416 Snack Bar or People’s Eatery.
  17. Best place to grab a coffee or tea: Dark Horse on Spadina.
  18. Grocery store or farmers market? Grocery store because I work all the time and do my shopping NOW (aka midnight!)
  19. Tell us something only locals know: Order booze after last call in Chinatown. “Cold tea” comes in teapots and you can keep the party going.
  20. What does supporting local mean to you? It means supporting the people behind each business, project, event, etc. more than anything.


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