20 Questions with Lisa Lagace, Blogger

  • Published
  • February 11, 2014

Lisa Lagace

Name: Lisa Lagace
Occupation: Freelance Writer & Blogger
On the Web: Turn The Record Over
Follow: @lisa_TTRO
Bio: Lisa Lagace is the creator and editor-in-chief of Turn The Record Over, a Toronto based lifestyle and culture blog for the musically inclined. She is obsessed with all things creative, regularly recommends and reviews Toronto events for Dose.ca, and thinks her Pomeranian, Mr. Bojangles, is the most perfect creature ever made.

  1. My hood: Queen West
  2. I love it because: Everything I could ever need is within walking distance.
  3. I take my coffee: with almond or soy milk and all kinds of sugar/syrups to wipe away the bitterness from: Dark Horse or Starbucks
  4. Favourite local celebrity: Does Neil Young still count?
  5. I’m social because: it allows people to find you – which is a leg up in the creative world. It’s also the easiest way to find, connect with and support like-minded people in a city this large.
  6. Favourite Toronto team: None. I’d much rather play a sport than watch it.
  7. Favourite Toronto Street: Cameron Street for the daily reminder that This Is Paradise.
  8. Most craved Toronto eat: Sweets From The Earth – it’s not all that easy to find vegan baked goods when I’m outside Toronto.
  9. Favourite season: SUMMER! Which I am missing desperately right now. Patios, drinks, sunshine, looong days, the Island, the Beaches, outdoor festivals. Nothing better.
  10. I travel across town by: feet or streetcar. Hailo cab or Car2go if I’m really running late.
  11. My go-to Toronto restaurant: Fresh or Java House.
  12. Best food truck: Gourmet Gringos. I could eat exclusively Mexican food for the rest of my life and be happy.
  13. Favourite Toronto store: Kensington Sonic Boom.
  14. My first CN Tower trip was: to see Joel Plaskett play up there during Canadian Music Week a couple years ago. I would never pay $40 to take a long elevator ride.
  15. When I need to get away from it all, I head to: Trinity Bellwoods Park or the Island when it’s warm – but if I really need to escape Toronto I usually end up back home in Welland or in Montreal.
  16. My ideal night out in Toronto: Dinner and games at Snakes & Lagers, record shopping at Sonic Boom, seeing a few bands at the Shoe, after hours nachos at Sneaky Dee’s, in bed watching a new episode of Girls by 4am.
  17. Every year I MUST attend: NXNE, TIFF, TURF, Hot Docs, Riot Fest, CMW, basically all the festivals.
  18. I can’t go a day without: a comfortable bed.
  19. City visitors must see: Kensington Market and the view of Toronto from the Island.
  20. I Love Toronto because: the creative community here in every discipline is incredibly supportive, talented and inspiring. Toronto isn’t yet over-saturated like New York City, and isn’t as soft as hip cities like Portland and Austin. We get the best of both extremes.

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Lisa Legace

Content Manager at FS Local

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