20 Questions with Allen Tan of ME.N.U Food Truck

Allen Tan
  • Published
  • September 26, 2013

Name: Allen Tan
Occupation: Food engineer/Entrepreneur
Follow: @menufoodtruck
On the Web: www.menutdot.com
Bio: Starting a food truck the smart way! Having no culinary skills or food experience, I decided to learn from the ‘bottom up’ just how to start a food truck. I volunteered around the world seeking new experiences and knowledge. Now its time to share with everyone back home. It’s a me.n.u thing!

  1. My Neighbourhood: Thornhill – Currently living at Bay and Bloor.
  2. My daily commute: a short TTC ride up to St Clair.
  3. On a day off I explore: Chinatown with: my camera.
  4. Favourite brunch spot: Somewhere that serves all day dinner.
  5. Favourite Toronto landmark: The Guvernment.
  6. Favourite Summer-in-Toronto activity: Bike riding the streets of Toronto.
  7. Toronto graffiti or Art Gallery of Ontario – my style is: Toronto graffiti.
  8. Best Toronto beach: There’s beaches? I’d choose Wild Water Kingdom.
  9. Best place to grab a coffee/tea: L’Epresso Café.
  10. Best local event/parade/festival: VELD Music Festival.
  11. Favourite Toronto park: High Park.
  12. Time to shop. I’m heading to: Yorkdale.
  13. My most cherished possession: My brain.
  14. Favourite Toronto team: The Raptors.
  15. If I could rename the Toronto Raptors, I’d call them: Kukumaba.
  16. For a true taste of Toronto culture, the best venue is: St. Lawrence Market.
  17. Favourite international food: Malaysian food.
  18. My go-to place for dessert: Demetres.
  19. Best late-night eats: Chinatown.
  20. If I could take a visitor to only one place in Toronto, we’d go to: Kensington Market.

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