20 Questions With Malinda Prud’homme: Mixed Media Artist

Malinda Prudhomme
  • Published
  • July 4, 2013

malinda prud'homme self portrait in oil

Name: Malinda Prud’homme
Occupation: Mixed Media and Portrait Artist
Follow: @MalindaArt
On The Web: www.MalindaPrudhomme.com or www.Facebook.com/MalindaPrudhomme
Bio: Malinda Prud’homme is a talented Mixed Media Artist with a passion for portraying Natural Female Beauty. With incredible attention to detail she hopes to portray the strength and spirit of women. She also loves to create custom portraits for her patrons. Feel free to contact her with any artistic inquiries.

  1. My Hood: On the cusp of Parkdale and the Art & Design District.
  2. I love it because: It is a laid back/relaxed kind of community that really embraces the arts.
  3. I take my coffee: Not a fan of coffee. Would rather a mango smoothie from: McDonald’s.
  4. Favourite local celebrity: I know they’re a band and not a one person celebrity but I love Metric.
  5. I’m social because: It’s so much fun to share my artwork with others and get to know fellow artists and art enthusiast.
  6. I have a Toronto: Blue Jays ball cap in my closet. A must have when attending games!
  7. Favourite Toronto street: Queen Street West is THE place to be. Great food, art, clothes, you name it!
  8. Most craved Toronto eat: Poutini’s Bacon Poutine … BUT layered! Gotta get those extra curds in there.  Mmmmm …
  9. Favourite season: Summer.
  10. I travel across town by: Streetcar.
  11. My go-to Toronto restaurant: Kyoto House.
  12. Best food truck: Street meat at Dufferin/Bloor.
  13. Favourite Toronto store: Curry’s Art Supplies.
  14. My first CN Tower trip was: in 2006 for my 20th birthday.
  15. When I need to get away from it all, I head to: the boardwalk.
  16. My ideal night out in Toronto: involves good food, great friends, and lots of laughs.
  17. Every year I MUST attend: the CNE.
  18. I can’t go a day without: admiring my view of Parkdale. I love picking out the older buildings and imagining what the area must have looked like in the early 1900’s.
  19. City visitors must see: Casa Loma, the AGO, and of course Queen Street West.
  20. I love Toronto because: of the variety of people and cultures. I really believe there is a great sense of community here in Toronto, particularly in the arts community. I’ve wanted to live here all of my life and now that I do I can say with confidence that this is where I am meant to be.
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