20 Questions With: Sandra Eamor, Business Analyst

  • Published
  • June 4, 2013
20 Questions With Sandra Eamor




Sandra Eamor

Name: Sandra Eamor
Occupation: Business Analyst and Passionate Networker
Follow: @SandraEamor and @TheBIZClubCA
On The Web: www.BA4Hire.ca and www.TheBIZClub.ca
Bio: Sandra is a passionate Business Analyst that loves to network.  In addition to being a BA, she runs The Biz Club, that helps connect small business owners online and in person, and she sits on the Board of Directors for the Real Food 4 Life Foundation.  Don’t be shy!  Say hi! [addspace]

  1. My Hood: Thornhill Woods
  2. I love it because: It’s not too far and not too close to downtown. It’s just right. And the houses are cheaper, what can you do?
  3. I take my coffee: Grande Half Sweet No Whip Mocha From: Starbucks.
  4. Favourite local celebrity: Kevin Frankish from Breakfast Television.  I haven’t had the opportunity to watch BT for a while, but I used to watch it every day.  Kevin has been a constant and is just the right combination of funny and serious for early mornings.
  5. I’m social because: I think being any other way is lonely and boring.
  6. I have a Toronto: Blue Jays T-shirt from 1993 in my closet. I’m not sure why.
  7. Favourite Toronto street: Yonge Street. It can take you to many different places.
  8. Most craved Toronto eat: Sometimes I just really want street meat. Polish sausage from the hot dog vendor with ketchup please (unless they have the cheese sauce)!
  9. Favourite season: Spring (otherwise known as late winter). It’s all about change and growth. Everything seems to come back to life after a dreary winter.
  10. I travel across town by: My car. . . very slowly…depending on traffic.
  11. My go-to Toronto restaurant: G-Bistro in Thornhill.  It has a good balance. It’s upscale but casual at the same time and the food is amazing.
  12. Best food truck: Ice Cream Truck! Why does the one in my neighbourhood insist on playing Christmas Carols in the summer?
  13. Favourite Toronto store: Honest Eds, brings back memories when I used to go with my grandmother when I was little.
  14. My first CN Tower trip: I have no idea. I was probably a year or two old? My father actually helped build it though and got to sign his name on the very tip of it.
  15. When I need to get away from it all, I head to: a Yoga Class, or just close my eyes and breath. It’s the quickest, cheapest and most effective vacation.
  16. My ideal night out in Toronto: would take me somewhere I haven’t been yet with great friends, or be a networking event where I get to meet new ones!
  17. Every year I MUST attend: something new!
  18. I can’t go a day without: hugging my daughter. And coffee.
  19. City visitors must see: I wish I could say the Organ Grinder, but it unfortunately closed down many years ago. I still remember singing Roll Out The Barrel So I’ll go with Casa Loma. It’s an amazing landmark and being there takes you away to another time.
  20. I love Toronto because: I haven’t found a reason not to love it!
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