A Sneak Peek of The New FS Local Homepage

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  • September 28, 2015

At FS Local, we’re all about empowering small businesses in their efforts to be successful. And a big part of how we do that is by showcasing small business owners and telling their stories here on the blog. But today we’re doing something a little different; something we don’t normally do – we’re talking about ourselves!

We’re almost ready to launch a brand new homepage for FS Local, so we thought we’d share a sneak peek!


In addition to shots of the types of business owners we love to support, the new FS Local homepage lets them know why listing their business is a great idea. We make it easy for a business owner to check out the features and benefits of joining the community. Here’s a sample:


We’ve had such an amazing time putting this new homepage together and we’re absolutely thrilled with the way it’s turning out. We’re also working on a number of exciting updates to our pricing, so we can’t show you the entire pricing chart, but here’s a peek:


My favourite section of the new FS Local homepage – and maybe I’m biased – is the section that features our blog. The blog has grown to become an integral part of our commitment to empowering small businesses. On it, we feature in-depth interviews with owners, entrepreneurs, start-up leaders and regular folks with a dream. In addition to being a showcase for local companies, we also strive to make the FS Local blog a knowledge base of tools, tricks, tips and news that help small business owners make their companies even better.


There’s more to come, too! Brand new partnerships, free bonus features to all businesses listed, and some cool stuff we can’t even sneak-peek!

We’re very proud of the directory we’ve built and we’re so excited to launch the new-look homepage. But we’re first and foremost here for the businesses we love, so that’s enough about us for now…

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