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  • September 9, 2015

There’s something about someone repping their city that just warms the heart. Just as Drake big-ups the 6, Jason Parks boosts Columbus whenever he can. But we wanted to speak to Jason about his digital marketing agency, The Media Captain, and specifically, how they use Facebook to achieve success online.

How long has your business been on Facebook and what made you decide to join?
My business has been on Facebook since the day I started my company in August of 2010. Just like many business make a cohesive choice to launch their business once they have a professional looking website, the same strategy held true for my Facebook page. To legitimize my business, I also launched a Facebook page so my friends, families and business acquaintances could stay abreast with what was happening with The Media Captain.

image of jason parks, owner of the media captain
Jason Parks. Owner, The Media Captain

Was there an ‘a-ha moment’ when you realized that being on Facebook was actually helping your business?
During the early stages of my business, Facebook business pages had a large organic reach, which was great. Once I started posting creative content, I knew people were seeing my message.

Once the advertising features got more advanced and they introduced retargeting and look-a-like audiences, I was able to take my businesses Facebook marketing to the next level.

I remember attending a networking event and the host of the event saw my retargeting ad after visiting my site. He thought it was the coolest thing in the world and he introduced me to 15-people boasting about these advertisements. That was somewhat of an “a-ha moment.”

How often do you post? Describe your day (or week!) on Facebook.
I post 2-3 times per week. I make sure that I put advertising dollars behind each one of my Facebook posts so it will garner a lot of interaction. I also coordinate all of the social posts with my graphic designer. Imagery is such a huge component of Facebook that is often times overlooked. If you have great images, your post will perform much better.

To be honest, I probably only spend 20-30 minutes creating posts for my company. The rest of my time is optimizing different advertising campaigns that I’m running for my agency on Facebook.

What’s the greatest success you’ve had on Facebook? Any big mistakes?
We created a “Champ vs. Chump” quiz where we would personally grade your website URL and provide the user with a free SEO grade. This was a huge lead generator for us and the cost per email address was super cheap.

Are there any tools or software you use to make posting easier?
On Facebook, we like posting from the actual page. The fact that you can schedule posts from a Facebook business page doesn’t make it necessary to post from an outside software.

We send a lot of our Facebook posts and advertisements to custom landing pages. We use Unbounce for this and they are amazing!

image of the media captain team
The Media Captain team at work.

Do you buy ads on Facebook?
Oh yes. Facebook advertising is crucial nowadays since organic posting for business is almost non-existent. From promoting Facebook posts to running re-marketing campaigns to geo-targeting based off of interests, we run a lot of different advertising campaigns.

Any secret tips for businesses just starting out on Facebook?
Leave a small budget to boost your posts, otherwise they will not be seen. I always make the comparison to writing the greatest novel of all-time but not having anyone read it. This will be the case if you don’t put some advertising dollars into Facebook.

PS – Make sure to check out The Media Captain’s new Instagram account!


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