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  • January 27, 2015

There’s something so romantic about a keepsake locket. In the time before Snapchat, texting or even the telephone, a locket let you hold tight to a small physical reminder of the one you loved.

A photograph, a lock of hair, or just a little bauble – whatever it was, carefully tucked inside a locket, any trinket became a treasure, and just like the person it represented, a locket and its secret contents were loved fiercely.

Feeling sentimental for that powerful expression of love, three women from Toronto decided to bring back the locket and add a modern twist. We interviewed Rana, Lisa  and Alison, founders of Luv Lockets etc., and spoke about the inspiration behind the business and the passion that goes into making it successful.

So tell us about your business. What is Luv Lockits?
We retail and wholesale high quality affordable stainless steel lockets, chains and personalized charms. There are many different lockets to choose from and hundreds of individual charms. You build each locket yourself, so it tells a unique and personal story, and no two lockets are ever the same. All lockets open up like a story book using hinges on one side and strong magnets on the other. This allows you to change your charms at any time as your story changes.

We also have a children’s line of acrylic lockets. They come in a variety of bright and fun colors which includes a matching chain. This enables a child to be creative and build on their own personal interests. Our customers are women and children between the ages of 5 and 99.

image of the luv lockits founders
The women behind Luv Lockits (l to r): Lisa, Alison, and Rana

Who do you think personalized lockets will appeal to? Who are your customers?
We offer great customer service and a high quality product that is suitable for women of all ages ( not recommended for children under 5). Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, etc..all love the personal and warm feeling they get when they build their own unique locket.  We sell the lockets online at the website as well as at home parties, vendor events, and hospitals.

Once you have created it, it becomes a part of you. It is a great way to show someone how much you care.

What made you decide to make and sell lockets?
We were on a vacation and saw this product and fell in love. After purchasing our own and spending a fortune doing so, we realized that we had never seen this at home in Canada. We decided to purchase a few more pieces, bring it home and figure out a way to make it more affordable without giving up the quality…that’s where it all began. All of us have full time careers and have very little retail experience between us so we have had to learn the business as we go along.

image of Luv Lockits lockets
Luv Lockits with charms. The locket on the right also features an optional backplate.

Sounds tough! I guess you’d have to be pretty passionate about the product to make it work. What drives you on every day?
We love everything about the product. We are sentimental women and love the idea of wearing our families and the important things in our lives in our lockets. We are three independent women who have always wanted our own business. This business enables us to meet all kinds of interesting people who are sentimental like we are. Our wholesale side of the business has allowed us the opportunity to help other women start their own business. Women helping women.

image of Luv Lockits on display

Has it been all smooth sailing so far, or have you had to overcome adversity?
We started almost a year ago with very little experience in the retail industry. An idea and a dream is all we had. We have made our fair share of mistakes along the way, it was a challenge getting our website together and finding a role for each partner. Every day brings on new challenges but we are ready to face them all together to continue to grow this business successfully.

image of Luv Lockits lockets and chains
A variety of available lockets and chains

We all know that stuff happens on the job. Any wild behind the scenes stories to share?
We wouldn’t say there has been anything wild… but there are certainly times that have touched our hearts. We’re a vendor at Sick Kids Hospital and have had the opportunity and pleasure to meet a lot of children and their families. All of their stories are so touching. Some very sad and some happy but watching the children’s smiles as they build their own personal locket is priceless.

image of luv lockits charms and backplates
A selection of available charms and locket backplates.

That’s amazing. How else are you involved in the community?
We strongly believe in giving back. We have been involved in some fundraisers. We are part of the Snowflake Ball which is a father and daughter dance that will be taking place Jan 24th to help raise money for the big brother and sister foundation. We have also held an online fundraiser to help raise money for a family in need. We also give a percentage of all of our proceeds to Sick Kids Hospital through their foundation.

Luv Lockets etc. are the newest FS Local expert. Look for their monthly posts on the blog, starting with a history of the keepsake locket next month.

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