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  • February 24, 2016

A truly talented chiropractor and Director of The Advanced Therapeutic Centre, Dr. Don Fitz-Ritson shares some insight on his unique journey and extensive experience in the field.

Read on to learn about how he helps patients effectively manage their pain conditions every day!

Did you always see yourself as a Chiropractor? Why did you pursue a career in the field?
I have always been interested in helping people with their health conditions. I enjoy working with my hands, so Chiropractic was the natural choice. Chiropractic also provided me with a wider scope to pursue other areas I wanted to develop. After graduation I became an Assistant Professor teaching and publishing 17 scientific papers and three definitive chapters on the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of spinal trauma. I also co-invented a Laser and was a founding Fellow of Physical and Rehabilitation Specialists.

While at the Chiropractic College, I had three motor vehicle accidents. These unfortunate incidents, however, allowed me to focus on how I could solve my pain conditions. It was a long journey of research and teaching, but it was truly worth it because it led me to understand what worked and what did not, and essentially what I was destined to do with my life. It gave me a purpose. Through trial and error, I’ve gained the crucial knowledge necessary for treating patients effectively, and on an individual level. I am currently focused on treating chronic pain patients using the 4D Therapy Program.

Can you tell us about the services offered at your centre? How are they different from your competitors?
We proudly offer a variety of successful and thorough treatments to best suit our patient’s specific condition or needs. These services include Chiropractic Therapy, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, RehabExercises, Nutrition, Neurological Integration System (NIS) for Health Conditions/ADD/Concussions, and Dynamic Traction for herniated discs/Degenerative Disc Disease. We cover a wide spectrum of pains conditions that our patients might be suffering from. It is interesting to note that most pain conditions have an inflammatory base. Using Nutrition to control the inflammation significantly increases the healing process of the Laser and decreases the chronic pain.

Tell us a little bit about your patients and what they come to see you about.
A majority of our patients are executives between 25-65 years, with slightly more female patients than males. I would say a 60:40 ratio of women to men. We do see about 10% seniors over 65 years and teenagers with sport-related injuries, such as concussions. Motor vehicle accident victims make up about 10% of our patients and sports injuries make up about 10% as well. In essence, we have patients from all walks of life which gives you an idea of how everyone of us, young or old, is susceptible to pain.

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What is the most common pain you deal with (on average) every year? Why do you think it’s common?
I’d say the most common pain condition is chronic low back pain due to inactivity and our sedentary lifestyle. People do not exercise enough, which is sad but true, and they need to do it every single day. I’m not saying they should go working out every day, although it would be great if they can, but at least walk, run, swim, stretch or even meditate. I always like to stress the importance of incorporating as much movement as you can into the day… it can really improve so many aspects of your life!

Have you ever had a patient whom you couldn’t help? How did you deal with it?
There was this one patient who was referred by her doctor who was unfortunately not responsive to our methods. We decided on sending her to different specialists in hopes that her specific needs could be accommodated by their alternate approaches. Our priority lies in our patient’s health, and we wouldn’t want to give up on treating their pain just because our specific methods were not fitting for their individual condition. We’ve heard of cases where patients stop therapy because their benefits run out and they aren’t able to pay the bill. They decide to live with the pain and we never want them to reach that stage. We do our best to assess the case and seek the best possible solution for each patient to help them overcome their pain.

Ok Dr.Don, we’re putting you under the spotlight here. What is your proudest achievement?
Well, this year, we have successfully prevented about 6-7 patients from having back surgery through our therapy methods. These patients couldn’t have been happier to dodge that bullet… and it makes the ATC team and I very proud to be able to provide such a high standard of care to our patients.

As well, helping patients with concussions get back their lives always gives me a sense of achievement. Being a crucial part of our patients’ relief and happiness is always so rewarding.

What’s the one tip you tell all your patients that you can share with the readers on dealing with pain?
This might sound repetitive but please, please, please keep moving! Do your exercises and get regular care. As humans, we are designed for movement. Our bodies really appreciate when we put a little more effort into incorporating physical activity into the day. Even a daily brief walk around the block is a great step forward. And most importantly, enjoy it.

Are there any services or products you offer that are particularly important to your patients?
We believe that it’s essential to provide high quality, customized care. We aim to always be on time and work to satisfy our patients to the best of our abilities. We retail a special product which assists patients with their osteoarthritic pain. This coupled with the Laser provides long lasting results.

Do you feel you make a difference in the community? How so?
The ATC is essentially a last resort for patients with chronic pain who have gone through different therapies that did not resolve their symptoms. When a doctor doesn’t know how they can help their patient with a specific pain problem, they send them to our Centre. So yes, we definitely make a difference in the community! I am no Superman, saving the city from evil and all, but I dedicate myself to saving patients from chronic pain. It is my life’s purpose and I am happy and grateful to be able to do it.


We believe it! Thank you for your time, Dr. Don. Your lifelong interest in helping people treat painful conditions is inspiring. Thank you for providing excellent services to patients who don’t deserve to suffer!


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