Corallo’s Custom Tailored Shop at The Coop Ink: The Bespoke Difference.

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  • July 16, 2015
A very well made shirt is truly a thing of beauty. And more than that, a finely crafted shirt adds function to the form – fit just so, a great shirt makes the wearer feel more confident, more attractive, more…alive.

If you’re saying ‘bro, it’s just a shirt’, then you’ve probably never worn a really nice one.

And while there are plenty of amazing shirt brands available, to take it to the next level, to really experience the ultimate in quality craftsmanship, you need to go custom.

We talked to John Corallo of FS Local Fashion Experts The Coop Ink and asked him about his new service Corallo’s Custom Tailored. We wanted to know what goes in to making a custom shirt and why it’s the best shirt a man can buy. He explained that while plenty of shops do made-to-measure, he does bespoke.


It starts with being comfortable. A client is welcome to visit the shop where he can peruse the off-the-rack options and browse the available fabrics, but for many, time is of the essence. That’s why the Corallo’s Custom Tailored experience will come to the client’s home to begin the made-to-measure process.

image of a mikey corallo relaxing in the custom tailored lounge
John’s brother Mikey relaxes in the Corallo’s Custom Tailored space at The Coop Ink.


Before opening The Coop, John Corallo honed his craft at some of the most famous menswear shops in Toronto. So yes, his tailors will take perfect, precise measurements for the entire breadth of the garment; but more than a measuring tape, a Corallo’s tailor uses the art of conversation to find out exactly what a client wants in a shirt. He will explain the measuring process, and discretely probe to determine what fit works best and what the end result should express.


Most shops have a giant book with a wide array of fabrics available for custom shirts, and that’s nice, but the Corallo’s Custom Tailored experience is more hands-on. A massive bolt selection of all the current fabrics is available, and shirt lengths in the current trends – plus the classics, of course – give the client the experience of hand-selecting the materials that will one day become his shirt. It’s an incredible feeling to handle the raw fabric and know what it will become. It gives the client a sense of ownership and engagement in the experience.


image of shelves of shirt fabric bolts
Shirt lengths and fabric bolts in Corallo’s Custom Tailored shop at The Coop Ink.

At the client’s pleasure, a review of his current shirt preferences allows the tailor to gain an understanding of what the client finds comfortable in a fit. Small changes can make a big difference, so the tailor will discuss what each cut means for the look and feel of a shirt – together with the client, they create a blueprint for the garment, deciding in advance what the architecture will be and what each line will represent.


Once the measurements, fabric selection, structure plan and fit are determined, it’s left to the craftsmen in Corallo’s Custom Tailored shop to transform the numbers and marks into a truly one-of-a-kind piece of clothing. In 2 to 3 weeks, the garment is created, upon which the client is invited back to the shop for the presentation and final fitting. Of course, again, the delivery is also available in the home.

The combination of careful planning, earnest client discussion and the finely-tuned skill of the tailors results in a shirt that is unlike anything bought off a rack. There’s a reason why so many other industries use the term ‘tailored’ to describe something that’s built to fit and made-to-measure. In the case of a shirt from Corallo’s Custom Tailored, it’s the honest truth.

We’ve discussed the Custom tailored experience in the context of the shirt here, but a variety of suits and jackets are also available as bespoke garments. Visit the shop in person, online, or call to make an appointment at your home or office to discuss your requirements.


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