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La Bicicleta Verde
  • Published
  • November 6, 2015

Yes, La Bicicleta Verde is famous for being the bike tour company that showed Paul McCartney around on a trip to Santiago, Chile, but they’re more than just another bicycle trip operator.

La Bicicleta Verde is a sustainable tourism business, committed to travel innovation and environemental friendliness.

But beyond even that, they’re also a company that’s found success using email marketing, and that’s why we interviewed co-founder Peter Lewis; to find out how La Bicicleta Verde became (and stays) an Email Superstar.

How long has your business been using email as a marketing tool and what made you decide to start?
Since 2013. We needed to get customers to recommend us on TripAdvisor.

Was there an ‘a-ha moment’ when you realized that email marketing was working?
We started realizing we could drive customers back to our webpage and give them extra value in an automated fashion. Our 2nd sale and 3rd sale skyrocketed.

image of peter lewis from bicicleta verde
Peter Lewis, Co-founder of La Bicicleta Verde.

How often do you send content? Describe your process for crafting an email.
We send out an email as soon as customers book, then an email 2 days before tour, then day of tour with followup information. In terms of crafting it, it’s simple: value, value, value. Tips for saving money, being safe, making fast decisions about what to do.

What’s the greatest success you’ve had sending email? Any big mistakes?
Nothing special. Just 100% success of customer touch if they give me their correct email. The biggest mistake was sending it to customers who were unhappy and teaching them how to best complain about us. But we corrected that.

Are there any tools or software you use to make email marketing easier?
Nothing special. Moving from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign now.

image of a santiago bike tour by bicicleta verde
La Bicicleta Verde on tour in Santiago.

Has the popularity of smartphones changed the way you use email?
Yes – all emails have to be mobile friendly and downloadable since customers traveling to Chile don’t have data plans.

Email is still the most popular method of promotion with customers – why do you think that is?
Email is private, direct, and fast.

Share your best secret tips for businesses just starting out with email.
Value over quantity or quickness. And take your time.

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