How To Build Your Facebook Audience in 5 Simple Steps

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  • July 24, 2015
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We believe any small business can succeed. To succeed online, work on building a robust Facebook audience for your small business.

At FS Local, our passion is helping small businesses. We believe that any business – regardless of the industry – can succeed. And to succeed in the age of the Social Media, you need to be popular on Facebook.

But when you look the number of fans and likes your small business has gained on Facebook, it can feel like success is out of reach.

Fear not – it’s not impossible to get Facebook likes for your business. In fact, we believe that it’s not hard at all. To empower your efforts to build up your small business’s fanbase on the world’s most popular social network, we’ve created an ebook on how to attract customers to your small business using Facebook.  It’s packed with all you need to start getting the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside: A checklist you can follow that will show you How To Build Your Facebook Audience:

Make Sure Your Page Is Properly Filled Out with Searchable Info

Your Page is up and running, but take a look at the About Us section. Is it fleshed out with the sort of information that the readers and the search engine will find valuable? Be sure to include:

  • An overview of what your small business has to offer
  • A link to your local business website
  • Extra information that will help prospects understand your business better

Invite Existing Contacts to LIKE Your Page

You probably already have existing customers, family members and friends who would be willing to connect with your small business on Facebook. All you need to do is ask them!

Whether in person, by email, or within Facebook, go ahead and ask your contacts to Like and share your Page and review your business. In the Page Manager section, under ‘Build Audience’ you can invite your personal Facebook friends to Like your Page.

You can even upload a list of email contacts and encourage them to connect.

Incorporate Facebook Into Your Online and Offline Communication Channels

To make your Facebook Page as discoverable as possible, promote your Facebook presence through all your marketing channels

  • If you have a physical storefront, place stickers on the window with a URL or QR code
  • Use one of Facebook’s social plugins to add a Like Box or Like Button to your website, blog or email

The goal is to encourage contacts to like your Page wherever they are instead of making them visit Facebook itself, thereby removing a potential barrier.

Create Value

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. Just consider what your ideal customer (your buyer persona) is interested in, and create content that fills that need. The more you’re aware of your persona’s needs, the easier this becomes, highlighting the importance of building an awareness of your personal.

In the meantime, spend a week taking note of everything in your own News Feed that compels you to click, comment, or share. Evaluate what inspired you, and use your observations to inform future posts.

Pay For New Likes (Fans) Using Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a “Page Like Ad” that contains a call to action to “Like Page”. It can appear in the News Feed as a post or as an ad in the right-hand column. Once you’ve gone through your list of existing contacts, it’s time to spread the word to people who don’t know about your Page yet.

Facebook’s data collection and granular targeting ensure that your ads reach the appropriate audience, and offer a great chance for audience growth.

New Call-to-action

This checklist is taken from our free ebook, How To Attract Customers to Your Small Business Using Facebook.The ebook is filled with amazing advice that you can use to increase the reach, engagement and success of your small business and Facebook marketing efforts.

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