Twitter Strikes Deal for Tweets to Appear in Google Search Results: How Will This Affect Local Business Owners?

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  • February 12, 2015
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The latest announcement of a new partnership between Twitter and Google means the search engine will soon have direct access to the “Twitter firehose” – the massive stream of tweets generated by users in real-time. How will this impact Canadian local business owners?

Here at FS Local, our team members work hard every day to support and empower Canadian business owners from coast to coast. Our mission is to #SupportLocal, by helping local businesses across Canada connect with potential customers online.

We believe in providing small business Internet marketing solutions that rely on our tried and true social media acquisition and promotion efforts, combined with our training and expertise in search engine optimization.

And so you can imagine our excitement when we heard the news announcement last week that was so monumental, it shook the entire Internet marketing world. We’re talking about a milestone event with a direct impact on both the social media and search marketing industries. It was officially confirmed that Twitter had struck a deal with Google to allow tweets to be visible in search results.

As a Canadian local business owner, you’re likely wondering how this latest Twitter and Google arrangement will impact your local search, social networking, and general online marketing efforts. Well, I’m here to break it all down for you!

The W5 on the Latest Twitter and Google Partnership

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Breaking down the 5 W’s of the latest Twitter and Google partnership

Who are the major parties involved?
The engineers at Twitter Inc. and Google Inc. are currently working together to lay out the groundwork for this latest agreement.

What was part of this new deal?
As a Twitter user, your 140-character microblog post status updates or “tweets” will now be searchable online and be visible in Google’s search engine results pages.

When will this agreement come into effect?
According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, nothing will happen just yet for at least several months. The technical backend side of this latest arrangement still needs to be developed. Expect to see tweets appear in real-time in Google’s search results sometime during the first half of 2015.

Where in Google search results will tweets appear?
The current plan is to output tweets within Google’s natural organic web search results.

Back in 2009, Google had experimented with the idea of developing a specialized Google Real-Time Search engine that would only display the newest and freshest blog content, or the latest tweets and status updates from social networking sites. However, that Google search product never took off in popularity, and later became extinct in 2011.

According to insiders, don’t expect a special Twitter search area to be developed on Google anytime soon.

Why are Twitter and Google forming this new relationship?
Simply put, this is a mutually beneficial partnership between the two tech companies.

Previously, for tweets to appear in search results they would first have to be indexed in Google’s search engine. This starts with having the information be discovered or “crawled” by Google’s search spiders.

Thanks to this deal, Google will now have direct access to the Twitter firehose – the term that’s commonly used to refer to the massive stream of data generated continuously every second of every day by Twitter’s 284 million users. That means tweets will now be visible in Google search results automatically in real-time.

Google gains from this partnership by providing their searchers with a better user experience, with improved search results that are enhanced by more and fresher tweets. And Twitter will now have more opportunities to convert, and potentially monetize, logged-out users.

And finally…

How Does This New Twitter and Google Deal Impact Local Business Online Marketing?

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In light of this new Twitter and Google deal, it’s more important than ever for local businesses to have a strong, active and healthy social media presence.

Consider this scenario. You are a local business owner, and you have been working hard to develop a strong, healthy, and active social media presence on Twitter. You’re following the right associations and organizations that are relevant to your niche industry, not to mention the right individuals who are socially powerful, connected, and can serve as brand ambassadors for your company. Now thanks to this latest partnership, your local search presence on Google just expanded… and you didn’t even have to do a thing!

Improved local search visibility is something that every local business strives for, but may not be easily attainable by most. This is especially true today, now that Google had launched their Pigeon algorithm update back in July 2014. These algorithm changes were rolled-out to provide local searchers with geographically relevant search results that were considered to be more useful, more relevant, and more accurate. However, the release of Pigeon gave way to a seismic shift in the types of websites that are now topping local search results. Now, Internet yellow pages and large-scale business directories are consistently outranking individual small business websites, making it a lot harder for local businesses to show up in search for their target keywords.

And that’s why this latest Twitter and Google partnership is a huge deal for local businesses. Finally, having a strong social media presence is now a major local search ranking factor. The secret? You must be continuously active on Twitter, constantly engaging with the right people, having relevant conversations and discussions while strategically employing the appropriate hashtags.

Stay tuned to my Local Search Tips blog series for future updates and further details about this latest Twitter and Google deal!

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