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  • October 29, 2014

I LOVE ORIGINAL FUZZ. Just wanted to get that complete lack of objectivity out of the way early, because this is a company that does so many things right. Started by two guitar buddies from Jacksonville, Original Fuzz makes high-quality, Fair Trade fabric and leather straps and bags for players. “Our goal is to be making guitar straps that will sell for more than you bought them for on ebay in 50 years.” How thoroughly modern, honest and refreshing.

The Original Fuzz Instagram account absolutely drips with style, but not in that phony, set-up way you often come across. A perfect blend of product pics, friends’ bands and local life makes for a compelling follow in its own right, but don’t be surprised if, after a while looking around, you find yourself saying ‘you know, I do need a new guitar strap…’

We asked Lee of Original Fuzz a few quick questions about how they’re using Instagram as part of their marketing.

Why did you start using Instagram?
We started our account back in the Fall of 2013, but we really only started using it actively a few months ago. Our account grew by over 1,000 followers in about two months this fall and we really started to see it impact our bottom line. We were surprised as anyone at how effective it has been to get the word out about our brand with not that many followers in the grand scheme of things.

image of Original Fuzz products
Original Fuzz products (l to r): Indian fabric (pre-strap), cans of leather skinny straps, Peruvian straps.

What are some of the greatest successes you have had?
The contests we run have been great. A handful of lucky winners get free cookies, just for showing love and reposting a picture!

What do you love about using Instagram from a small business point of view?
It’s a much more personal way to keep your brand top-of-mind with potential customers. Much more than email or advertising, it’s very personal. It also feels like the most intimate of all the social networks.

image of Original Fuzz straps in action
Original Fuzz in action (l to r): Co-founder Lee with The Finks, Kurt Vile, King Tuff

What are your best tips for other small businesses using Instagram? Why should they use it?
My advice would be to pick a theme for a each week or for certain days of the week. When you do that it helps you come up with ideas for things to post and it gives you a natural way to start a conversation and engage with people. Also, it’s really important to be consistent. We try to post at least once a day. That probably more than anything else has helped us grow our account.

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