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    Why use 1&1?

    1&1 offers simple solutions for setting up a new website, with no experience necessary and for very low monthly costs. Businesses with more robust needs will also find 1&1’s more powerful solutions appealing. The principles of simplicity, available power, affordability and security make choosing 1&1 for your company’s online ecommerce or web hosting needs a no-brainer.

    What can 1&1 do for my business?

    1&1 can do as much as your company needs to get up and running online. From setting up and hosting a simple one-page website, to providing complete data server solutions, 1&1 is the one-stop shop. Need an online store to get your goods to market? It’s easy. How about a company-wide email solution? 1&1 can do that do. Everything your business needs is in one place.

    Is 1&1 right for me?

    It’s hard to imagine a web service that a modern company would need that 1&1 can’t provide. Look to 1&1 if you’re just getting started with your business’s online presence and need a guiding hand, or if you’re a seasoned-tech pro and just want a more affordable solution for your web needs. 1&1 offers free trials, 24/7 customer service and flexible payment options.

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