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    About Carbonite for Business Owners

    Why use Carbonite?

    At FS Local, we believe that every small business can succeed, no matter the industry. But we recognize that success comes after working hard, and working smart. And if you work with data, working smart means keeping that data protected. That’s where Carbonite can help.

    What can Carbonite do for my business?

    Unlimited computer protection. Server, database and live app backups. Image backups. Bare metal recovery and remote file access. Local and cloud disaster recovery. Accidentally deleted a file? It’s saved on the Carbonite server for 30 days. Corrupted save? It’s on file for 90. The question is what can’t Carbonite do?

    Is Carbonite right for me?

    If you work with computers, data, customers, accounting, records or information, then yes, perhaps Carbonite has a business solution for you. If you care at all about keeping any of that safe, protected and accessible from anywhere, then Carbonite is a no-brainer. No hardware to install or maintain. Simply install the software and Carbonite takes care of the rest.

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    Backup when it’s needed.

    • Mission: To enable a world where important data is always protected, available and useful.
    • Did you know? Carbonite products were used to recover more than 9 billion files in a single year (2014).

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