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    About Digital Main Street for Business Owners


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    Why join Digital Main Street?

    Digital Main Street is free to join and an amazing resource for business owners trying to make the most of their online efforts. Finding success online can be difficult for many small business owners, so having a knowledgeable support network behind you can be the difference between expanding the business or closing up shop.

    What can Digital Main Street do for my business?

    For many new business owners, getting online is not only recommended, it’s essential. But there’s so much to know! By joining Digital Main Street, you get a free digital assessment that identifies areas of online opportunity and a Digital To-Do List that provides a clear action plan to get the ball rolling. For BIA members, the Digital Support Squad is on hand to help carry out the work that ticks boxes on the To-Do list.

    You also get preferred access to partner vendors, saving you money on the products and services you need to run a successful business. And in terms of education, there’s a huge volume of up-to-date business information available, including case studies, tutorials, articles and more.

    Is Digital Main Street right for me?

    If you’re used to bricks, but want to get the clicks, Digital Main Street is right for you. There is opportunity on the web for any small business, and with the right support from Digital Main Street, you can go out and get it. Digital Main Street aims to make Toronto’s Main Street businesses the most tech savvy in the world. Be a part of it!

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    Connecting Main Street businesses to the digital world.

    What can Digital Main Street offer YOUR business?

    • Digital Readiness Check
    • Digital To-do List
    • Digital Service Squad
    • Access to Vendors
    • Education
    • Savings

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