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    About eFax for Business Owners

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    Why use eFax?

    When you’re starting a new business, money can be tight. Did you budget for a fax machine? Do people even fax anymore? In many cases, faxing documents is still an integral part of doing business, but eFax makes it easy to send and receive without the need for a machine. Perfect for saving a little when every dollar needs to stretch.

    What can eFax do for my business?

    eFax doesn’t offer a wide range of business services. But they’re the leading online fax service in the game, and when you need a document faxed now, and don’t have a machine, they’re a lifesaver. Unchain yourself from the desk, close deals from the beach, share large files, add an electronic signature…eFax makes it easy.

    Is eFax right for me?

    Contracts, bids, advertising materials, invoices…lots of documents still travel by phone line. eFax lets you send and receive from anywhere, so if you’re mobile, it’s perfect. Store and retrieve your faxes online, import your address book, add your signature and make your business more streamlined.

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    • Did you know? eFax is a brand of j2 Global, Inc.

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