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    About FreshBooks for Business Owners

    Why use FreshBooks?

    At FS Local, we believe that every small business can succeed, no matter the industry. And we’re big fans of companies that aren’t afraid to take on the establishment. Toronto’s FreshBooks is a relatively young online accounting software company that aims to compete with Intuit QuickBooks Online, and with customers in 120 countries, they look to be on the right path.

    What can FreshBooks do for my business?

    FreshBooks offers the ability for a sole-owner or small business to handle all the major accounting functions. An easy to use mobile interface makes it super-simple to do all them on the go, too. From invoicing to inventory management, it’s all possible from the device in your pocket.

    Is FreshBooks right for me?

    When you need a cloud-based accounting system that’s robust, easy-to-use and so simple it’s almost fun, FreshBooks is a great option. Billed as the accounting software for the non-accountant, FreshBooks works when you just want to run your business, not learn accounting.

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    • Launched: 2003
    • Based: Toronto, ON
    • Did you know? FreshBooks bills itself as the #1 cloud-based accounting software for small businesses. They promise innovation.

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