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    About Grasshopper for Business Owners

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    Why use Grasshopper?

    Do you feel chained to the desk? Still have a receptionist and departments at extensions all over your office? Grasshopper offers a virtual phone system that provides a modern alternative to the old switchboard systems of yore. Use Grasshopper to connect your team closer than ever, while simultaneously setting them free.  

    What can Grasshopper do for my business?

    Grasshopper turns the world into your office. You keep your existing numbers and extensions, but using a toll-free of local number, Grasshopper puts calls to the ears of who needs them wherever they are. Additional services include voicemail transcription, send-and-receive texts to business numbers, plus premium and vanity numbers.

    Is Grasshopper right for me?

    Grasshopper is ideal for modern, mobile businesses that operate outside of the 9-5 office. Have your AR on one coast and HR on the other. Never miss a sales call by forwarding to your cell, and read your voicemails while you own the stairmaster. Grasshopper makes doing business possible wherever you go and whenever you go there.

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