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    About Shopify for Business Owners


    Great for retailers!

    Why use Shopify?

    At FS Local, we believe that every small business can succeed, no matter the industry. And we love a good old fashioned store. But there’s nothing old fashioned about Shopify’s ecommerce solutions. From a fully outfitted online retail store to a simple POS solution, Shopify has something for anyone who wants to sell their wares.

    What can Shopify do for my business?

    You’ve had the idea and made the dream a reality – you have a product ready for market. Use Shopify to build the retail experience that puts your product in front of customers. Shopify is your complete ecommerce partner, offering the right service for your needs, no matter the size of your business.

    Is Shopify right for me?

    Yes. Whether you need a complete retail experience that showcases your products and processes your transactions or a simple point of sale solution that allows you to sell remotely, Shopify delivers. Drag and drop the elements of over 100+ templates or customize the HTML and CSS to build your dream store from scratch.

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    Build a beautiful online store.

    • Launched: 2004
    • Based: Ottawa, ON
    • Did you know? Shopify started as software used on the founders' online snowboard store.

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