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    About Texture by Next Issue for Business Owners


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    Why buy Texture by Next Issue?

    At FS Local, we believe that every small business can succeed, no matter the industry. And we know that part of being successful means staying on top of your industry. That’s why we’ve partnered with Texture by Next Issue. It gives you access to hundred’s of the top magazines being published – including all the best Business titles – available on up to 5 of your digital devices.

    What can Texture do for my business?

    Information is power. Staying abreast of the latest industry news, trends and breakthroughs lets you keep your business relevant. With Texture by Next Issue, you’ll be aware of the in-depth stories that matter to your business before they hit the newsstand.

    Is Texture right for me?

    Chances are there’s a comprehensive magazine out there covering your industry. You need to be subscribed to it right now. And that’s not to mention the incredible wealth of writing and photography that exists outside the scope of work. When it’s time to relax, nothing beats flipping through a beautiful magazine on your tablet.

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    • Mission: To provide affordable and easy access to hundreds of magazines in all categories.
    • What to expect: Choose from a wide range of popular business magazine titles like Bloomberg, Consumer Reports, Forbes, Fortune, Inc., Money and more!

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