Pics That’ll Knock You Out: Instagram Superstar, The Boxing Club of San Diego

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  • September 24, 2014

The good people at The Boxing Club of San Diego know a thing or two about the sweet sciences, but they’re also a dab hand at this whole Instagram game. A recent change in ownership gave the gym – specializing  in boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, High Intensity Interval Training-based fitness and Pilates – an opportunity to rebrand.

Using Instagram as a key tool in their rebranding efforts proved very successful for TBC and their experience should serve as inspiration for other businesses looking to get a message across in an impactful way. Instagram is especially helpful for gym owners in particular, allowing potential clients who might be reluctant to go through the door just what lies on the other side.

Why did you start using Instagram?
We started to use Instagram because it was an easy, yet effective way to reach our audience visually. Using Instagram allows us to broaden our audience reach. A picture is worth a thousand words, and for us that is true. With a recent change in ownership, there is a push in rebranding our gym, Instagram is the perfect platform to sculpt a new image.

In the gym at The Boxing Club of San Deigo. Trainers gonna train!

What are some of the greatest successes you have had, what are some of your failures?
Instagram is a media platform that you have to nurture. With the process of rebranding, being choosey on what gets posted can be time consuming. Our biggest failure was posting similar photos that lacked variety and bored our audience.

Our greatest success is receiving feedback from our current members. It is a gratifying feeling when a member takes the time to mention the photo when they stop by the club. It reassures us that we are listening to what our members want to see.

Insta variety: community involvement, client shout-outs, and famous friends.

What do you love about using Instagram from a small business point of view?
The best part of Instagram from a small business perspective is that it’s free PR & marketing. You are able to reach new clientele & gain notoriety within your community at no cost. For a small business this is an extremely valuable asset. It allows you to break down borders and reach your audience at anytime.

What are your best tips for other small businesses using Instagram? Why should they use it?
Stay consistent, building an audience takes time so don’t feel discouraged if your following takes a while to build. When you post to various social media outlets, make sure to post on all at the same time. Covering all your bases helps create a consistent following & helps alleviate time spent trying to be creative for each medium. Also studying your audience habits, what do your viewers like & what did they hate. Keeping record of what time you are posting & how many likes you received. Hashtags also matter, using hashtags that represent your brand will eventually allow your members to use them, and will help create a following. But make sure to not overuse hashtags, create 3 or 4 and stick to them.


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