Thinking of Starting a Business? Here’s Some Advice From The Trenches

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  • October 21, 2016

Starting a business is scary. Depending on how big you’re going, your whole future is on the line. So with life-changing decisions to be made, it’s helpful to have the advice of people who have traveled the path already. If you’re considering a new venture, by all means go out and ask anyone and everyone who’s been there for their best advice. It’s up to you which pieces to take, but it’s true when they say that knowledge is power.

Here at FS Local, we regularly interview small business owners and talk about why and how they started their companies. One of the questions is ‘Do you have any advice for small business owners just starting out?’

Here’s what a few of them had to say.

Andie Cohen-Healy, The Feathered Head

There are snippets of advice that I still follow every day.  The first suggestion is to identify what you get excited about. Allow surprises into your life and see where they take you…you just never know where chance is lurking! I’m a big believer in “doing something is better than doing nothing”.

In other words, don’t wait for something to be perfect! Put something out there and then refine it. Ride the roller coaster of ups and downs. Successes are easy…it’s what you do when things aren’t going well that separates the dreamers from the entrepreneurs.

Andie is the  founder of The Feathered Head, a handmade hat and fascinator boutique in LA. Read her story here

Allison Klein, Rose & Rex

You have to be willing to involve yourself in every aspect of building your business. This starts with building a great team around you (family, friends, and the people you hire) and being willing to collaborate. Collaboration is essential in creating the best possible product.

Getting the word out about your mission takes time. Know exactly what your brand and business is about because you’ll have to, often quickly, define yourself to people!

Allison is the founder of Rose & Rex, an online toy boutique and play resource based in NYC. Read her story here

Cody DeBacker, Bad Dad’s Club

You have to live your business. What does that mean? You have to wake up everyday and be prepared to invest your everything into the success of your company. With today’s social media age that we live in, people can see your every move if you let them. Make sure they see the “best” you.

Cody is the founder of The Bad Dad’s Club, a cool line of clothing for cool families. Read his story here

Sheena Brady, Tease Tea

Get started! It’s literally the hardest part. Get started on those package designs, accounting reports, media pitches, reaching out to retailers, etc. When you’re a business owner, the never ending to do list can literally be paralyzing. The only way around that, in my experience anyway, is to simply just start. The rest becomes more manageable and attainable once you’ve at least started.

Sheena is the co-founder of Tease Tea, a unique and modern online tea boutique. Read their story here

Seanna Thomas, The Nutritionnaire

My advice would be to JUST START. If you are passionate, just get out there, come up with a plan, and start doing what you love. Find like-minded people, ask their advice, and plug away. If you don’t have a plan B, you don’t have anything else to do but work hard and get the job done.

Seanna is The Nutritionnaire, a holistic nutritionist based in Toronto. Read her story here

David Moncur, Moncur

Don’t be afraid to stand out. The people that stand out are authentic, confident and unique. Also, strive to be a great communicator. Communication is a fundamental skill in life. If you can communicate well, anything you want to do is going to be better because of it.

David is the principal at MONCUR, a digital branding agency based in Detroit. Read his story here

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