The Boss’s New Ride – Gary From Auto Vault Canada and the 1971 280SL

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  • July 17, 2015
We’ve always known our friend Gary Shapiro at Auto Vault Canada was a car guy.

But when we got a look at his new baby, we realized that Gary was a car lover on a completely different level.

Currently packed in a boat making it’s way to Canada after a 2-year restoration of some 3000 man-hours is a 1971 Mercedes Benz 280SL. It’s finished in that classic Mercedes silver with a rich, red interior. And it’s maybe one of the world’s finest examples of this timeless two-seat roadster.

We’re going to let the car speak for itself a little here – but if you have a car you love and want to protect it during the winter, this should be proof that if you put it in the hands of Gary Shapiro and Auto Vault Canada, it will be well taken care of.

image of the mercedes-benz 280SL
1971 280SL. 3000 man-hours. One of the World’s Best?
image of the mercedes 280sl with door open
Absolutely like new from nose to tail.
image of the mercedes 280SL interior
Hand-stitched leather as far as the eye can see.
image of the mercedes 280SL with hardtop in place
Just as stunning with the ‘Pagoda’ hardtop in place.
All this beauty PLUS 170 hp under the hood. More than a classic – a legend.

A fun gift to Gary from the restorers: a handmade pair of driving shoes cut from the same leather that graces the interior.


Auto Vault Canada takes great care to store and maintain classic and exotic cars in Toronto. When the weather turns, take yours into Gary and he may even let you see the SL!

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