The Denim Shop at the Coop

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  • September 9, 2015
Denim. Originally used as a fabric for making work clothes, denim now transcends categories and jeans are acceptable attire for plenty of occasions.

The world’s greatest designers all use denim at some point or other in their collections and from the catwalks to the boulevards of the city’s hotspots, people wear denim when they want to feel and look good.

The Coop recognized that jeans aren’t just for casual affairs, and The Denim Shop features ultra-high end labels with a style and fit for any man. Here’s just a few of the amazing denim brands available now:

For this season, in addition to the standby lables, The Denim Shop at The Coop features a rotating lineup of the hottest jeans from around the world of fashion. So if you’ve graduated from The Gap or Old Navy and want to update your jeans with some actual style, this is the place.

  • Hugo Boss
  • GSUS
  • J Brand
  • BOSS Sport
  • Alberta
  • …and plenty more

The Coop is a menswear store unlike others in Toronto. Suits, shirts, custom tailoring – it’s all available. But The Denim Shop is worth a trip it’s own visit, of only to open your eyes to the world of denim that’s out there. Other stores might have one or two pieces by top brands, but The Coop carries a large selection of all brands.

 The Coop Launching a Women’s shop in Fall 2016

For years, the wives, girlfriends, sisters and friends of the Coop’s male clientele have asked when they might get a chance to shop for themselves. Well, you can almost hear the chorus of women saying ‘finally!’ at the news that The Coop plans to open a women’s shop inside their iconic Toronto menswear store.

Promising to be the first of its kind in Canada, The Coop’s women’s shop will feature an amazing selection of designer denim, as well as outerwear, t-shirts, sweaters, polos, knits and more. Look for Denham jeans and everything you’ve come to expect from the Coop for men…but for women!

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