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  • August 27, 2015

Going niche is often a great idea when it comes to starting a business. And for Mike Melton of ChiroHosting, going niche means developing premium websites and online marketing for a very particular type of client – chiropractors!

Part of ChiroHosting’s success is their use of Facebook to gain and entertain clients and followers. We wanted to find out what the secret to the success of ChiroHosting’s Facebook strategy is, so we picked Mike’s brain.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of what Facebook can do for your business, read on.

How long has your business been on Facebook and what made you decide to join?
We’ve had a Facebook presence for our business since January 2011. We joined because we saw that many of our clients were using Facebook and wanted to have another channel with which to engage with them.

Was there an ‘a-ha moment’ when you realized that being on Facebook was actually helping your business?
Absolutely. We had OK results with Facebook for a few years until we shared one of our end-of-year posts where we summarize the best chiropractic research of the year. We did one of those posts in 2013 and, through our Facebook followers, were able to get a huge surge in traffic and new business from that one post.

Compelling content = likes & shares
Compelling content = likes & shares

How often do you post? Describe your day (or week!) on Facebook.
We post at least weekly. We try not to bombard our followers with too much content.

What’s the greatest success you’ve had on Facebook? Any big mistakes?
Our greatest successes are when we carefully tailor an article that we know is going to get shared by many of our followers. We can see 12,000 likes and thousands of site visitors with those posts.

image of ChiroHosting's Mike Melton
Mike Melton of ChiroHosting

Are there any tools or software you use to make posting easier?
We use Sprout Social and to integrate our social media accounts and RSS feeds.

Do you buy ads on Facebook?
Yes, we do occasionally purchase ads on Facebook. They’re a perfect way to laser target new customers for our services.

Any secret tips for businesses just starting out on Facebook?
Two “secret” tips:

First, focus on creating compelling, original content that will resonate with your followers. It’s hard work to create original content that people will want to share, but it pays off in huge dividends.

Second, social media isn’t about you; it’s about your followers. Don’t blanket your Facebook timeline in hard pitches: it works much better as a method of building brand reputation and credibility than just offering constant sales pitches.


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