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  • January 6, 2015

Dilshad Burman is the host of Omni TV’s V-Mix, Canada’s first national music television program dedicated to showcasing the best Canadian, South Asian and International artists and videos. Over the 4-year history of the program, V-Mix has featured such names as Nelly Furtado, Karl Wolf, The Black Eyed Peas and Snoop Dogg. Astronaut Chris Hadfield was Dilshad’s guest for the V-Mix 150th Episode special.

Omni TV and Dilshad present the V-Mix ‘Best of 2014’ show on Saturday, January 10th on OMNI.2 at 4 PM & 6 PM (EST) in Ontario and on OMNI at 3 PM (PST) in British Columbia & 4:30 PM in Alberta (MDT).

Keep up with Dilshad on Twitter: @DilshadBurman and on the web: weewoman.wordpress.com

  1. Where do you call home? Toronto is home now. I’m originally from Bombay, India.
  2. What do you love most about it? It’s hard to say. Toronto is so much like Bombay- it’s big, noisy, eclectic and colourful and has a lovely waterfront, much like my origin city. Ultimately I think what I love the most is the vibrant energy and creative forces that are so very palpable in the city.
  3. Is there anything you’d change about it? Probably. But I’d rather not. The bad stuff makes you appreciate the good stuff. Otherwise you’re living in an anti-septic utopia and that’s fun for a bit. But after a while you need to get down and get your hands dirty.
  4. Born and raised here or Johnny-come-lately? Johnny-come-not-all- that-lately. I’ve been in Toronto for coming up on 8 years.
  5. Is it a winter wonderland or summertime paradise? Toronto definitely comes alive in the summer. There’s hardly enough weeks in the season to enjoy everything – the food fests, the concerts, bumming on Wards island, taking in the activities at the harbourfront, theatre shows, the street fests – the city is just electric!
  6. What’s your commute like? Not too bad. On a good summer day I can walk to work if I feel particularly energetic. Else the TTC, for better or worse, gets me to work in about 15-20 minutes.
  7. What do you do on a day off? Days off are a rare treat so I usually veg out in my little concrete box condo and catch up on my writing and chores. But depending on the weather, I’ll venture out and take in a gig, find a patio and chill with friends or go on a picnic. I love picnics!
  8. It’s my first time in town. Where should we go? Ooh that’s a tough one! Aside from all the great food places and St. Lawrence Market?
    Even though I’ve been in the city long enough, I still have this mad affinity for the CN Tower. So first – to the tower for a crazy view of the city and then to Panorama Lounge on top of the Manulife Centre for a crazy view of the tower.
  9. Where do you go when it’s time to get away? My condo is my haven and when it’s fully stocked with food, I’ve been known to spend several days being a hermit. But I’m also lucky to have friends with cottages and that’s always good for a weekend away. In a pinch, Wards Island is nice on a hot summer day and surprisingly quiet. For longer jaunts I hop across the border to visit friends in New York City.
  10. Favourite local landmark? Predictable yes, but…the CN Tower. I live downtown, so when I’m feeling down, all I have to do is look up! It reminds me of how far I’ve come, where I live and what a wonderful life I am lucky enough to lead! But I also have to mention the stunning and ever changing graffiti alleys along Queen Street. They showcase some of the most brilliant local aerosol artists.
  11. Best local event or festival: I hate to play favourites but the Toronto Harbourfront consistently puts on some awesome events – both food and music related. And the Jazz Fest has been a favourite since my very first summer in TO, when I caught Hiromi’s performance.
  12. Favourite local team: Team of what? I’m not the biggest of sports fans but the Raptors seem to be fairly consistent. Maybe.
  13. Favourite local celebrity: Aside from V-Mix’s Deejay Ra? Spock Vegas!
  14. Time to shop. Historic downtown or Big Box Land? I live, work and thrive downtown. So it’s both convenient and where I choose to shop.
  15. Favourite Mom & Pop shop: There’s a store on Jarvis and Front that I call the ‘Christmas Everyday Store’. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s actually called but it’s a wonderland of classic toys, random novelties and Christmas ornaments and it just makes me happy.
  16. Favourite local restaurant: New Generation on Spadina and Bloor if I want sushi. And I always want sushi.
  17. Best place to grab a beverage: ‘No One Writes to the Colonel’ makes some delicious mojitos.
  18. Grocery store or farmers market? Farmers Market. Either Kensington or St. Lawrence. And of course good old China Town.
  19. Tell us something only locals know: Some of those buskers you see at the subway stations are Juno winning artists.
  20. What does supporting local mean to you? Supporting local is more than just a lifestyle choice for me. It permeates every aspect of my life and the show I host, V-Mix on Omni Television, is a huge part of that. The show discovers and supports local, independent artists from every genre and every walk of life. I get to be a part of that brilliant process and promote talent that might otherwise go unnoticed. Encouraging the local arts and culture scene means fostering creative and artistic energies, which, in a larger sense is all about positivity and bringing joy into people’s lives – whether that be the artist via exposure of their work, or the audience for having been exposed to it. All of that translates into a very lovely, life affirming feeling so I get as much as I give by supporting local!


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