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Life can be overwhelming. Whether it's too much stuff to do, or simply too much stuff in the way, getting started is hard enough, let along getting finished. But that's where Louise Nettleton comes in.

Every now and then on Behind the Business we get to share a really cool story that embodies one of the defining characteristics of the Canadian experience.

See-Scape definitely isn't your average bar! The Toronto favorite is the brainchild of owner/operator Sara Nguyen, a young woman first-time entrepreneur who took some pretty wild ideas and brought to fruition a really unique neighborhood haunt.

Slyde is a growing company with fans all over the world - including a certain big-wave rider. As part of our series on companies using cloud-based accounting software, we interviewed co-owner of Slyde (and newlywed) Angela Watts about the company and its success.

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Imagine if you and your buddies could figure out a way to work together while still making plenty of time to do the fun thing that you love to do the most. It's sort of like when you're sitting around together and say, 'we should start that business' but you actually go out and do it. Well if your thing happens to be fishing, the boys at Hook Sinker are pretty much living your dream.

Can a toy store be more than just a toy store? At first blush, Rose & Rex is clearly atypical - look elsewhere for the latest superhero stuff - but the difference goes deeper than the elegance of handmade construction. The purpose behind Rose & Rex isn't to sell plastic things to parents, but to encourage a shift in the development of their children.

Editor's pick

We’ve moved past the “cash, credit, or cheque” system of doing business. Today’s digital commerce offers countless payment gateway systems and merchant accounts., but so many options can be daunting. A little planning and research can go a long way.

Everyone needs to take some time to recharge and unwind every once in a while – not to mention unplug from technology! San Francisco's Orange Sky Adventures has got you covered. This unique startup makes it easy to plan a fantastic trip without getting bogged down in the details. Their tour guides take the same care with your trip as they would planning a trip for their best friends or family. And all the equipment is included! I had a chat with owner Dylan Gallagher to see what he could tell me about how this fun venture came about.

The Coop is a classic menswear shop in Toronto. It combines old-world customer service and respect for the craft, with a thoroughly modern understanding of style. We interviewed owner John Corallo and found out what's Behind the Business.

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The latest business advice, Behind the Business interviews and members-only discounts, delivered straight to your inbox.