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  • October 20, 2015

Christina Nicholson is uniquely qualified to give advice on media relations. For more than 10 years, she appeared in front of the cameras, as an reporter and anchor, so Christina knows what’s news and what’s not. Now the driving force behind her own media relations consultancy, Media Maven, Christina is helping others get the word out about what’s important to their business.

One of the ways that Christina gains success for her company is by taking advantage of the benefits of email marketing. That’s why we interviewed her – to find out what Christina does to make email work for her and her clients.

How long has your business been using email as a marketing tool and what made you decide to start?
I started email marketing as soon as i started my business. It is the best way to reach people and share everything you want to share with them. If they aren’t interested, they can unsubscribe. That’s what makes it different than social media. You can include more which gives you control, but the person on the other end has the control from that point forward.

Was there an ‘a-ha moment’ when you realized that email marketing was actually helping your business?
Yes. I would send something out, then nothing. But a couple days later, I’d get a response from a new client. It worked!

How often do you send content? Describe your process for crafting an email.
I don’t like to do too much. I send emails out about once a month. I think that’s enough to remind people you are there, but not annoy them. No one likes a full inbox!

image of christina nicholson in the field
Christina Nicholson reporting from the field.

What’s the greatest success you’ve had sending email? Any big mistakes?
Make sure you proof read everything and send yourself a test first!

Are there any tools or software you use to make email marketing easier?
I love MailChimp. I think it’s very user friendly and it’s free!

Christina on air.
Christina on air.

Has the popularity of smartphones changed the way you use email?
Yes. People are looking at things on a smaller screen, not a desktop. Keep your images and text big, short, and sweet.

Email is still the most popular method of promotion with customers – why do you think that is?
It’s great for us busy folks because we can send it at anytime that works for us and the receiver can get back to us whenever it works for him or her.

Share your best secret tips for businesses just starting out with email.
Keep it short and sweet. Get the point. Include an image. Don’t go on and on with a sell. Be informative and entertaining.

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