FS Local Adds Power with Real-Time Twitter Updates

  • Published
  • April 7, 2015


Your FS Local Profile Now Displays Tweets in Real Time

We know what makes FS Local stand out in a crowd – you! We set out to make more than a directory – we built a place for you to create your own socially powered online presence, and it’s your real-time, socially-powered updates that show the face of your business and make our listings dazzle.

Starting today, your listing gets even more powerful, with real-time updates from Twitter.

FS Local is designed to let you show off the passion you have for your business, and powering your FS Local listing with real-time social updates does just that. Joining Facebook and Instagram on the site, Twitter helps to make your listing truly F.I.T.

Your Tweet is boldly displayed at the top of your listing, complete with clickable links.

Now when you post to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, your FS Local listing automagically displays what’s up in real-time, with no extra work from you. Gone are the days of logging in to multiple places and updating your content separately – FS Local makes sharing content with your contacts and customers easy and effortless.

Setting it up is simple – log in to the FS Local dashboard, hit Edit to see your account settings and flick the switch to turn Twitter on. You’ll be asked to log in to the Twitter account you want to use and that’s it! Going forward, your Twitter stream is displayed in real-time at the top of your listing!

All the rich content you share on Twitter is output right on your FS Local listing, with links to the actual Tweet as well as any content within it. We include Tweets and RTs, but not @ replies.

We really believe this helps share the soul of your business to anyone who visits your FS Local listing.

If you haven’t yet set up an FS Local listing yet, what are you waiting for? It takes less than three minutes to create a dynamic, always-updated, absolutely free online presence for your small business. Click here to get started.

We’re so excited to add Twitter to the FS Local social networks, but we’re not stopping here. We’re working on adding even more, so stay tuned!

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