Stephanie Goertz of The Healthy Connection – A Mompreneur® Success Story

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  • March 8, 2016

Stephanie Goertz wants to bring people together.

Whether it’s as the head of The Healthy Connection – Kitchener-Waterloo’s hub of collaboration for developing community and businesses in the area – or as a result of her work with the KW Area Mompreneurs, Stephanie is a uniter.

We interviewed Stephanie and asked her about how she got started in business, what it takes to strike a healthy work/life balance and what the future might hold for her family and her business interests.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I think I have always been a born entrepreneur but the birth of my son and the desire to see him grow up and have a healthy family life pushed me to take the steps to become an entrepreneur at this specific time.

image of stephanie goertz and her family

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
I am able to be independent and at the same time spend as much time as possible with my family.

Can you describe a typical day?
I think a typical day is pretty much impossible you are running 2 businesses and you have a toddler spinning around you. Pretty much the most I can say is that I get up in the morning to care for my son, then working off and on throughout the day while also watching my son, home to make supper and spend time with family, if my husband is home he will put our son to bed and I am usually up till about 11:30pm working.

Who do you count on for help? Do you have a network of family that answer the call?
Family and friends are an essential part of my support network. Both my husband’s family and my family are approximately 15 minutes away and I have a number of friends I have been able to count on for support.

Have you ever had to sacrifice something at home for work? Or vice versa?
Absolutely YES. I love the fact that I can work and be home for my family but I am unable to give 100% of my time to both. It is a never ending battle to find the time for both but it is my hope that after my 2 businesses are established I will be able to dedicate more time to my family.

What do you do on a day off? Do you even know what a day off is?
Typically I don’t take time off and usually work 7 days a week. Sometimes though family commitments help to remind me that I need to take time off work and I cherish these days.

Are you active in your community? What does supporting local mean to you?
I enjoy volunteering in the community. I am a coordinator with Life with a Baby which is a non profit organization that runs free events for parents with children under the age of 6 years to combat post-partum depression. I am also on the board of the Wilmot Healthy Communities Coalition and volunteer with the Waterloo Region Active Living Network and Kidsport.
Supporting local is extremely important to me. By bringing together businesses and people we can help create an infrastructure that can further support the community.

image of stephanie goertz and her husband

Name another entrepreneur who inspires you.
My husband. He also has his own company and I constantly see the progress he is making and his dedication to both family and work.

What does the future look like for you and your business?
The sky is the limit. Right now my goal is to create a strong infrastructure so that my businesses can be sustainable and profitable.

Any tips for moms thinking of starting a business?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are more people out there then you think that are willing to give you assistance be it in your personal life or business.


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