The Joy of Attracting: Sarah Jones of Introverted Alpha, Email Marketing Superstar

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  • September 30, 2015

Sarah Jones is used to being around a particular type of guy. Her dad, her brother, her boyfriend; engineers all and all super smart. But while Sarah naturally gravitates towards and is comfortable with smart, focused men, she noticed that many of these men weren’t as comfortable being around women.

That’s why she started Introverted Alpha, the dating advice consultancy aimed specifically at smart, introverted men. Sarah knows that being introverted is different than being shy and that being effective in social situations is a skill that can be learned.

For our first Email Superstars post, we wanted to showcase a business owner that not only found success using email marketing, but someone who was passionate about the type of intimate connection that’s possible with email.

We think you’ll agree Sarah Jones is that someone.

How long have you been using email as a marketing tool and what made you decide to start?
I’ve been using email marketing since the inception of my business in 2014. I learned online-business fundamentals from Ramit Sethi in his Zero To Launch program, and he emphasizes email marketing a great deal. Also, the book Traction, even though it equally outlines 13 marketing channels, solidified that focus on email marketing for me.

It’s such an intimate way to interact with readers, leads, and clients/students, while still being fully automated. Beautiful!

Was there an ‘a-ha moment’ when you realized that email was actually helping your business?
Yes. My first email marketing sequence was called Core Confidence Training. It was a 5-day email sequence leading into a strategy session with me, as I sold 1:1 dating coaching exclusively at that time. When I got “Re: Core Confidence: Day 3” in my inbox from guys who were automatically going through the program and emailing me their insights… the beauty of it became much more palpable. Here I was, building trust and rapport with my audience without having to actually say or write the same thing over and over, and yet it was intimate: an email appearing in their inbox. It built our relationship and elegantly led to sales with men who were the right fit.


How often do you send content? Describe your process for crafting an email.
I have two “branches” of email communication: one is weekly blog post announcements, and the other is a collection of various sales sequences.

The sales sequences I create once, launch to my entire list, and then put on evergreen with a special opt-in for that particular training or gift on my site. At this point, I have five, and the collection is always growing. I build in communication with our Alpha Advocate (sales and customer service) and myself right into the email sequence with assessments, surveys, and invitations to hit “reply” and share insights.

The weekly blog post announcements, I have a lot of fun with. I have a set template I use with a beautiful image linking to the post, a headline describing the post, an invitation link to the post, a short body of 5 sentences or so, a closing hyperlink invitation, and a P.S. also with another hyperlink invitation, usually very fun or off-the-wall. I have my blog post open in one window and Mailchimp open in the other, and I copy-paste, change things around, and end up adding a lot of playful wording back into the blog post that is often only inspired once I’m writing the email. There’s something about writing that email that is fresh and intimate for me, and getting into that frame of mind helps me become a better writer and connector.

image of introverted alpha client testimonials
Introverted Alpha client testimonials.

What’s the greatest success you’ve had sending email? Any big mistakes?
The greatest success is that my business is working! It literally runs on content marketing, and email is a huge chunk of that. I wouldn’t dream of not using it.

In the beginning when I was still finding my voice, I’d sometimes email something that felt a little brash or overly promotional or something weird. Whenever I hit “Send” on those emails, there were more unsubscribes, which makes sense – if I felt weird sending it, how on earth would they enjoy reading it? Everyone feels a little yucky in that case. After a few months, I got the hang of how to communicate well with them, and that doesn’t really happen anymore. I have to keep an eye on it though. One of my daily mottos is, “Don’t be weird,” as in, “Don’t be overly salesy and awkward, needy, pushy, etc.” That works well for me, and I can’t say it without chuckling at myself. :)

Are there any tools or software you use to make email marketing easier?
Mailchimp! I love Mailchimp so much. I tried switching to a more all-in-one CRM solution, but it was a DISASTER. As far as I know, there is no email marketing tool that is as beautiful and friendly as Mailchimp. I love them!!


Email is still the most popular method of promotion with customers – why do you think that is?
It’s intimate, relevant, and reliable.

Share your best secret tips for businesses just starting out with email.
The foundation of compelling email marketing is a compelling relationship. Earn your readers’ trust and rapport patiently and earnestly over time. I see my list as “my guys” or “my babies.” I may not tell them this, but for me – it’s an intimate bond, and that’s behind the words I write that inspire and challenge them to be their best. 

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