Water the garden, not your basement.

image of a sprinkler watering a lawn
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  • July 20, 2016

When the heat of summer hits, your garden gets thirsty. Assuming you’re not under a water ban, you’ll want your plants and grass to do all the drinking they can handle.

But when you’re watering your flowers and shrubs, make sure you’re not watering the foundation wall of your house at the same time!  Leaving a hose on or directing a sprinkler system toward the foundation wall is just asking for trouble. Be mindful of where the water is going or it’ll be going straight into your basement.

image of a garden hose gushing water
Keep your garden’s water away from the foundation walls.

Think of it like a drinking glass. The glass is designed to hold water to it’s brim.  Once the glass is full of water it can hold no more.  If more water is added to the glass than of course the water will overflow.

The foundation wall is very much the same.  Foundation walls can get wet, and they will redirect a certain amount of water away from the house, but they are not designed to keep out a volume of water that is directed towards the exterior wall and left on for an extended period of time. This saturates the wall and creates a perfect environment for excess water to penetrate the foundation wall.  The issue becomes volume; just like the glass!

image of a saturated basment wall
A saturated basement wall beginning to leak.

Sprinkler systems are great but not when directed and hitting exterior of foundation wall, saturating it.  If waterproofing has been done the saturation of water will get in behind the membrane where normal rainfall will not.

The point is to be aware of where the water is landing when watering grass, plants, shrubs and set up the watering so it hits your plants not your foundation wall. It’s a simple measure, but one that could save you a major headache.

(Featured imaged by Thangaraj Kumaravel. Used with permission)

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