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  • November 13, 2014

Some days, you really like your job. And like me today, the team at Femme Fatale Media makes every day at work a blast. Featuring a lineup of smart, enthusiastic and beautiful models, Femme Fatale Media is Canada’s leading event staffing agency. When you have an event that needs to go to the next level, these amazing people can make it happen.

The Femme Fatale Instagram account is nothing short of stunning. Social photo sharing was tailor-made for a business like Femme Fatale’s and they absolutely nail it. Featuring head shots of new models, event photography  and super-fun candids, it’s easy to see why the business is so successful. Fans and potential clients really get to see what Femme Fatale brings to the table.

We asked Emily Lyons – owner and CEO of Femme Fatale Media – a few quick questions about how they’re using Instagram as part of their marketing.

Why did you start using Instagram?
It was a great way to instantly begin connecting directly with potential clients. It helped to quickly get our name out there and show what we offered.

image of femme fatale models
Models: Elle, Maya, Amy.

What are some of the greatest successes you have had?
We haven’t experienced anything negative through Instagram, just many positives! We have several Instagram pages and our two most notable ones (instagram.com/femme_fatale_media and www.instagram.com/femmefatalelashes) have followers in the double digits and achieved these quickly. We’ve found clients, staff and many great connections through Instagram. It’s also helped us build a good reputation within our industries.

Femme Fatale out and about (l to r): Smashed charity event, Uniun Nightclub, Friends for Life Gala

What do you love about using Instagram from a small business point of view?
It’s free marketing and PR, for any small business this is a must! It allows us to reach new potential clients for all our different subsidiaries simultaneously. It also helps us to become more personal with our customers and grow a good community.

What are your best tips for other small businesses using Instagram? Why should they use it?
When starting it’s important to be social with others interested in your business’s area. For example if you have a bakery search people hash tagging goods you sell. You can also use Instagram bots to help you build your following quicker and select targeted hashtags applicable to your business. Remember to be consistent with posting, reply to comments, and hashtag hashtag hashtag!


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