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Retro Fixtures from Smart Furniture Sets the Scene at Mountain View Bowling


Bowling is one of the world’s great leisure activities. Dating back to ancient Egypt, rolling a ball to knock down some pins has always been a simple way to relax and have a little fun.

And while the game has changed in the last 3,000 years, today’s bowling alleys are essentially the same as they’ve been since the 50s.

Some, of course, more than others. Calgary’s Mountain View Bowling recently underwent a renovation that looked to the past for design inspiration. Recalling the golden era of bowling and diner culture, Mountain View Bowling outfitted their lounge and party rooms with a complete set of retro dinette and table sets from FS Local Expert Smart Furniture Toronto.

birthday_partyroomThe chrome and vinyl booths, chairs and stools are instantly recognizable as classics of the American diner, and they create a fun atmosphere for a night of bowling. Everyone agrees – from serious league-players to kid’s party-goers – the throwback furniture at Mountain View bowl is the perfect choice for a classic bowling alley.

retro_bowling_alleyWe’ve written before about how Smart Furniture’s custom retro dinettes and table sets are great for bringing the diner home, and they’re also a big hit in the new crop of diner restaurants that are popping up all over. But maybe they’re most at home in a classic bowling alley.

Mountain View Bowling has embraced the retro style in more than just furniture, too. Featuring retro date nights, retro glow bowling and more, Mountain View is the spot in Calgary for 50s lovers to step back in time and have a little fun. If you’re in town, swing by to roll a few rocks and check out the Smart Furniture dinettes!